REJURAN® is a premium cosmeceutical brand created by a biopharmaceutical company, with its expertise and experience in skin anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Using PharmaResearch Products’ patented technology of DOT ™ , PDRN which is used in medicine is optimized for cosmetics: c-PDRN. REJURAN® Cosmetics with c-PDRN realizes the desires for a beautiful and healthy looking skin.

REJURAN® Cosmetics continues its pivotal research for fundamental correction on several skin concerns from stress and daily life excesses. After the continuous development, PDRN, an innovative raw materials extracted from Korean wild salmon, is reborn as an ingredient for cosmetic products. PDRN is a basis of several medicines and medical devices registered in several countries with proven safety and efficacy in more than 2,000 scientific journals and 4,000 institutions over 60 years. REJURAN® Cosmetics with c-PDRN, a highly purified DNA optimized for your skin created by PharmaResearch Products’ anti-aging skincare expertise inspired by natured and backed by science.

Take your skin to that beautiful moment in time with REJURAN® Healer Cosmetics. A healing & balancing skincare line that normalizes the skin regeneration cycle to return your skin to a healthier state.
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  • Rejuran® Healer Refine 3-Step Mask
    Rejuran® Healer Refine 3-Step Mask
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