Brand Story

Philautia started as a part of 2 sisters journey in wanting to share knowledge and quality products to all in achieving the skin they desire. This journey is a long one, leaving many plagued by scars left on their skin, not solely because of puberty, but mainly from the lack of knowledge on how to manage these big changes our bodies and skin go through as we age.

Having been through years of living in our own acne-proned skin, we developed low self-esteem and we know how hard and frustrating this journey can be. Even now, in our late 20s and early 30s, we are still living with a skin filled with "battle scars" which we have to wear everyday and can't change. Imagine that.

PHILAUTIA pronounced as [Fi-law-tee-uh], is an ancient greek term for love that resonates deeply with us as we wanted to emphasize the importance of self-care & self-love. It is also a little reminder for us to love ourselves and grow a little more confidence in how we looked. 

Our skin is something we can't change. We hate to blame it on genes but the main underlying factors that influence your skin type is genetics and hormones. Combination to oily skin? Check. Hormonal acne? Check. Besides that, living in a tropical climate that is pretty much hot and humid throughout the year doesn't help much with our skin condition. When we were younger, we didn't know better that squeezing those blackheads and popping pimples could result in pushing inflammation deeper into the skin or even scarring. Don't do it yourself, leave it to the professionals - registered beauty salons with experienced beauticians or dermatologists. 

Our goal is simple, we seek to curate a range of affordable & natural skin care that truly works for your skin. Our team make it our mission to dedicate spreading the Philautia philosophy one person at a time where our products and services comes from the heart, bringing in only products that we have tried & loved.

From the knowledge we learnt through years of trial and error, doctor visits, ingredient research and even pursuing a career in this journey, we would love to share everything we know so you don't have to go through the same mistakes we did when we were young. We learned that using the right products consistently helps to combat acne and also learned to understand our skin behaviour to choose a suitable product. 

Being females and living in a world of visual creatures, we are also our own harshest critics. We are not ready to show our faces just yet, but we are always ready to help. Should you have any questions about your skin concerns, connect with us and let us know! 

If you resonate with us, stay connected with us. You are not alone. We are in this together, and let's work towards in achieving the skin we desire.

Fun Fact: Our logo was self-designed - to look like an origami airplane in the shape of a heart to represent sending / spreading the philautia philosophy. We hope our parcels bring you a little more joy, take time and take good care of yourself because you are important. 

 E & J

Philautia Founders